A Woman

The Untamed Ink

A Woman

By The Untamed Ink

Wed 08 Mar, 2017 15:52:13 EAT
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A Woman

Seeing the little angels around reminds me,
That I was also like them,
But now an overgrown and self withstanding,
Not because I have done it singlehandedly,
But because a woman has done it all.

Sometimes I'm engulfed by the dark,
And feel obfuscated by cold,
That vision and feeling becomes imaginary,
That I crush in the turbid mud.
But a force comes with light and warmth,
And light the way for me,
So that I'm free from dark, cold and mud.
I call that force a woman.

Days are hard somewhen,
That people get famished.
But here I am,
Always pervaded to brim,
'Cause you reject your mouth and feed mine,
I see love ooze from your heart to mine,
I call that love a woman.

I recall how sometimes I collapse,
And bowl away the manners you taught me,
Still you come by and embrace me,
Kissing my forehead with your lips,
And drive away the fright in me.
I feel forgiveness conceal me.
I implicate that forgiveness a woman.

The spring of life you are,
The absolved strength you bear,
The unconditional love you give,
The despotic forgiveness you offer,
None is weightier than you are,
A woman.


By The Untamed Ink
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  • David
    153 wk ago
  • Ochimercie
    Women are heroes in a way...they have contributed in making the world what it was yesterday, today and what it will be tomorrow. Thumbs up Chris.
    153 wk ago
  • Chris
    Thanks Mercy, you are absolutely right
    153 wk ago

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