A Wicked Wife

The Untamed Ink

A Wicked Wife

By The Untamed Ink

Mon 13 Feb, 2017 12:35:12 EAT
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A Wicked Wife

I fell in love,
And married a wife,
she engulfed my traditions,
And slayed them mercy free.
She instilled a brain in my head,
A brain that denounced my roots.
I was blindfolded by her,
And permitted to caress,
Without seeing the gloomy skin she carries,
And the immortal eyes lying on her dusky face.

She donated my daughters the apparel model,
That barely conceals the flesh.
The skirts linger on the heart of the thighs,
Shy of touching the nose of their knees.
The blouses hang on the head of the stomachs,
Unwilling to face the abdomen.
Their backbones complain of chill,
Their shelters are not catered for.
The earth whines of their shoes,
They pierce deep inside its heart.
It's a fashion unleashed by my wife.

She gave them the ability,
To see gorgeousness in the face of themselves,
And esteem it.
I see them grasp and cuddle,
Their shadows merge and single out.
A bond between then surmount their resemblance,
As a non-detrimental wind sway their skirts,
In the midst of a passionate kiss.
A she and a she in matrimony.
That's what my wife inclined.

She pledged them a notion,
To dash to streets in deficiency,
And entice the thirst stricken sons,
To pay and quench their thirst on the wells.
Some drink and drop death particles,
That copy and paste on the son who drink in the well,
And disseminate to entire town.
My children droop and wither on my watch.

I hate this wife,
But can't file her a divorce.
Her roots are stout and sturdy, And her branches cover my entire land.
My admonition to my children,
"Open your eyes."

By The Untamed Ink
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