A Walk To Remember

The Untamed Ink

A Walk To Remember

By The Untamed Ink

Mon 06 Mar, 2017 03:03:01 EAT
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A Walk To Remember

Walking all alone,
With my head over my palms,
Pondering what to do,
As my river stops the flow,
And my sun sets at noon.

Life is beautiful they say,
But the contrast is all I know,
'Cause my life is under siege,
And my soul in a desert,
But my hands are tied to me.

Darkness is what I see,
And sorrow is the tune I hear,
Penetrating through my heart,
Wandering in it alone,
Is what breaks down my heart.

I look up the sky,
And wonder where the stars have gone,
With a feeling deep in me,
That this journey never ends,
'Cause my steps are getting faint.

In a distance I see a spark,
And hear a waning voice,
Impelling me not to give it all,
But fight the war so tough,
As my haven is still alive.

A smile visits my lips,
But quickly away it goes,
As the voice fades away,
And the spark dies out,
Leaving the tune of sorrow playing.

Rain falls down on me,
Washing away my tears,
But adding mud on my path,
So that my walking gets slower,
And reaching my destination a dream.

Brave is the word I recall,
That propels me through mud and chill,
And darkness not to forget,
Without giving up on my hope,
That one day I'll reach the sanctuary.

Tardily is how I walk,
And silently is how my strides move,
'Cause my strength is small in size,
That may never reach me home,
To see the beautiful life they say.

Everything has an end they say,
And there I see the zoar,
Telling me the journey is ending,
As light comes back to kiss my eyes,
And bring my smile back to me.


By The Untamed Ink
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  • Kechi
    This is awesome
    154 wk ago
  • Adala Simon
    Guuud so encouraging
    154 wk ago
  • James Muoki
    wonderful chris...I like the coinage on you propell the message ...congrats
    154 wk ago
  • Chris
    Thanks guys
    154 wk ago
  • Ochimercie
    So encouraging
    154 wk ago
  • Chris
    Thanks Mercy
    154 wk ago

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