A Suicide Note


A Suicide Note

By Nyque

Fri 23 Jun, 2017 21:08:57 EAT
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A Suicide Note

I give up
I give up living in a world that rewards results and not efforts
A kinda world that paves faded lines between pains and gains
A world that denotes the difference between gain and pain as mere syllables
Strains that squeezes dry the little pilled up hope to drain
That the more I strain the more I gain more pain that fades off my smile
Dimming up the the seemingly bright spots that cheers up an extra mile
A reason enough to bid ending goodbyes with no tears
Waving confidently with an enthusiasm that a heart it tears
Sending my life to the dogs only to wake up with bitches so dumb not to put me on rocky shores
Whispers not coz my lexicon so complex not even be carried by the wind
A wind that sweeps the pilled up dust from my shoes in pursuit of happiness in the world
Happiness, a work in progress that resembles the rejected stone that lies untouched in the corner
Something I found in wrong places and tunnels so dark in vain to corner
And now here I hopelessly lie in this darkest gutter
Deep cuts
Unending thirsts
A chilling pain that hurts
Till my pen bleeds, so much profusely no one to hut
Swimming a butterfly aplomb swiftly in the deep end
Not in the land of honey and milk
Money and silk
But the top of the world where I can see the world from a brighter side.

By Nyque
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  • Kechi
    Mere truth about the today's society I'm giving up too though no need to
    86 wk ago
  • Eunny
    Despair is such a common phenomenon. Thumbs up.
    86 wk ago

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