9 Month Contract.

Creative Hadassah

9 Month Contract.

By Creative Hadassah

Wed 14 Jun, 2017 20:43:50 EAT
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9 Month Contract.

You have no idea,
Easier to make an artistic orientation,
A molded portrait perhaps,
Or maybe a sculpture,
Or whatever,
My state of affairs an ardent interest to you,
A reason to gossip and chicken around,
Ha ha,
Another pregnant teen you point,
Have you no better business to address?

Hey you shameless caricature poking noses allover,
You judge me on the basis of my distended belly,
Giggle at my dry skin gone white,
Enhe,a pregnant skeleton,
Yea,you grin at my sunken cheeks,
And roll eyes when I eat clay 24/7,
I'm very conscious of your patience,
Very conscious of your nonsense.

Are you dying to be in the know of how,
Just when my nipples are darker and sharper,
When my waist is thinner and my buttocks rounder,
Do you honestly want to know how,
At this honey- dripping time of my life,
How I got this 9 month contract?
To answer the question lazing on your lip?
Why don't you put on your jacket?
And come with me to the next stanza,
And dig out how.

Oh you aftermath of a woman,
A slave to curiosity and animosity,
One fateful dusk filled with horrid shades,
I was strolling in a dark cold alley,
I tripped on a rotten peel,
And as fate had mapped it,
I fell on an erected penile,
There,you made me say it aloud.

By Creative Hadassah
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  • Levin Makuba
    nice one
    209 wk ago
  • Collins Wafula
    love it ....its worth
    209 wk ago
  • Florentinah Hiza
    wow! so real an artistically presented. Love it
    209 wk ago
  • Zaks
    This is more than awesome. A perfect work of art. Keep it lit
    209 wk ago
  • Rapando Jnr
    Nice one Hadassah
    209 wk ago
  • Kaelo
    Awesome art. come on Hadassah, you're gifted
    209 wk ago
  • Creative Hadassah
    Asanteni wapendwa.
    209 wk ago
  • Immaque
    aaaw! its soo awesome...pple should mind their own bissiness
    209 wk ago
  • Oscar
    209 wk ago
  • Conrad
    Nice one my girl...
    209 wk ago
  • Lc
    Thumb high! Haddasah,me love it
    209 wk ago
  • Lc
    Thumbs up! Haddasah,me love it
    209 wk ago
  • Elvis
    Nice one Hadassah..i love it
    207 wk ago
  • Collo
    haha....a funny way to get pregnant
    139 wk ago

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